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Tara Labs Custom Cable

TARA LABS have been innovators in the cable industry for more than 22 years. Every major innovation in cable technology, from the use of solid core conductors to air-tubes and vacuum dielectric, was done by them first. TARA Labs developed the first and only objective, repeatable testing methodology for measuring the performance of cables. Constant Current Impedance Testing (CCZT), a testing protocol outlined and proven in bench tests by TARA Labs in 1989, remains the only such recognized testing methodology in existence. Used at the Swarthmore College of Electrical Engineering in thesis work, it has become the cornerstone of the design process at TARA LABS; every new cable design is tested using CCZT principles before it is put into production. Throughout the history of the company, the constant innovation has been driven by a twofold desire. One, to make cables that reproduce the recorded musical image as faithfully as possible. Two, to refine our designs and manufacturing techniques for maximum product performance and longevity. Accomplishing these goals has required a tremendous commitment of time, of energy, of research and development dollars, and constant perseverance in the face of inevitable setbacks. The result is clear: there is nothing new in cable technology that was not created by TARA Labs. There is no established technology in use today, by us or any of our competitors, that we did not pioneer in some time past. And that is what it means to be a leader. TARA LABS is The Cable Technology Leader. The Spectrum series Instrument cable is made using Optimized DiameterTM made from TARA LABS proprietary SA-OF8NTM copper (Super-Annealed, Oxygen Free 99.999999% pure copper. But the real magic is the geometry - the interior configuration of the materials inside the cable.